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A Hundred Pairs of Jeans

In each of our closets, we find timeless jeans, regardless of our age or everyday style preferences. Jeans have been the most popular fabric for years, and even though it's the name of a type of material, we colloquially refer to pants that way too. Jeans are an integral part of women's wardrobes worldwide. By selecting the right accessories, we can create interesting and unique outfits. The most popular jeans models are as follows:

Street Wear - Skinny Jeans

The most commonly seen style on the streets. Tight, body-hugging, often called simply "skinny jeans". This style, although the most popular, is also the most demanding. If chosen incorrectly, it can highlight all the aspects we'd rather not expose. If you want to slim and elongate your legs, go for classic high heels. If you're a fan of relaxed, casual outfits, pair them with women's loafers or comfortable ballet flats. For autumn outfits, if you choose this style of pants, we recommend ankle boots or classic lace-up boots. In spring and autumn, we suggest flat ankle boots, block-heeled ankle boots, and of course, sneakers.

Boyfriend Jeans - Urban Style

Boyfriend jeans are the loosest version of jeans. If you're a fan of urban comfort, choosing this style is a bull's eye for you! The characteristic feature of this type of pants is their width and large distressing on the thighs and below, which might suggest wear and tear - nothing could be further from the truth. This pants style is comfortable and, above all, nonchalant. Boyfriend jeans will look great with timeless white sneakers, suede ankle boots, or Chelsea boots.

High-Waisted Jeans

We recommend these for girls who want to hide a protruding belly or mask unwanted folds - all thanks to the high waist. Additionally, this decision can slightly slim and lengthen the legs, lift the buttocks, and emphasize the waist. In short, they can work wonders! :) When choosing high-waisted jeans, you don't need to worry about footwear choice; any type will match: high heels, flat sandals, ankle boots, or knee-high boots.

90s Jeans

As you know, fashion likes to come back, so it's no wonder that the wide-legged jeans from the 90s, also known as "bell-bottoms," have returned. They are characterized by a fitted top and a widening leg. These types of jeans are perfect for boho-style outfits. When choosing these pants, opt for ankle boots, preferably with a block heel and a pointed toe. Jeans with frayed hems, so-called fray jeans. On store shelves, we can distinguish two types - gently frayed and more "ripped." The former look as if they were cut with scissors and the threads were delicately "plucked," while the latter are models with thick, ragged fringes.

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