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Create your unique style with trendy skirts from RoyalFashion!

Skirts are an inseparable element of women's wardrobe, adding charm, femininity and elegance to our stylizations. There are different types of skirts on the market that allow us to experiment with different styles, lengths and materials.

What skirts dominate the fashion world?

Pencil skirts: They're a classic choice that flatters a woman's figure. They have a tight cut that perfectly adheres to the body, exposing curves. Pencil skirts are usually fitted at the hips and knees, creating an elegant and professional look. They are perfect for both work and special occasions.

Pleated skirts: they are fashionable and feminine. They are characterized by ruffles or folds that add volume and movement to the skirt. Pleated skirts can be of different lengths, from mini to long models. They are perfect for casual and romantic stylizations, giving them lightness and elegance.

Flared skirts: this is a cut that has a fuller bottom. They usually start at the tight waist or hips and then widen downwards. These skirts are extremely feminine and romantic, adding style and elegance to our outfits. They are perfect for evening outings or romantic dates.

Maxi skirts: They are long and reach ankle or floor length. They are popular in the summer season, giving us a feeling of lightness and freedom. They can have different patterns and fabrics, such as light airy fabrics or lace. Maxi skirts are perfect for summer evenings and beach holidays.

Asymmetrical skirts: they have an irregular, non-uniform cut that gives them a unique character. They can have asymmetrical lines of cuts, lengths or frills. Asymmetrical skirts are a bold choice that attracts attention and creates a modern look.

Fashion trends in skirts:

  1. Floral patterns are popular in many types of clothing, including skirts. They add a summery, romantic atmosphere and are perfect for the summer season.

  2. Pleats are a fashion trend that adds texture and movement to the skirt. Pleated skirts can be found in both mini, midi and maxi versions, giving us a wide range of styles.

  3. Skirts in intense, bright colors are on top. Red, yellow, blue or green add energy and character to our stylizations.

  4. Skirts made of leather or leather-like materials are fashionable and bold. They add style to our looks, giving them a rock character.

  5. Ruffled skirts are still popular in fashion and add lightness and femininity to the skirt. Skirts with frills are romantic and fashionable in casual and evening stylizations.

At RoyalFashion you will find skirts that will impress!

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